TPDPT8 Differential Air Pressure
Transmitter (125 & 500)

The TPDPT8 range of Air Differential Pressure sensors are designed to offer increased accuracy and stability within HVAC applications such as ventilation systems, fume cupboards, operating theatres, fan speed control, air pressure monitoring and leak detection systems.

See TPDPT8-HA datasheet for further product options including: positive and negative ranges, display option or IP65 housing.

See TPDPT8-HA-COM datasheet for details on BACnet MS/TP and Modbus Sensor options

Data Sheet – Differential Pressure Transmitter

Carbon Monoxide Sensor

The TPCO/WM/500 Carbon Monoxide (CO) sensor is designed for monitoring CO concentrations within applications such as indoor car parks and loading bays.

The CO sensor employs solid state temperature compensated cell with microprocessor to provide high levels of accuracy, stability and sensitivity.

The sensor are supplied pre-calibrated and provide 3 selectable ranges (0-100ppm, 0-250ppm and 0-500ppm) with signal output options of 0-5V or 0-10V with 4-20mA.

Data Sheet – Carbon Monoxide Sensor